Sauk County Historical Society “The mission of the Sauk County Historical Society is to preserve, protect, maintain and disseminate the history of Sauk County; and to assist other historical societies and local history related endeavors in Sauk County.” The Sauk County Historical Society (SCHS) is located in Sauk County, WI. Among its vast archives are documents, family histories, probate records, and a myriad of historical photos all available to the public at no charge. The SCHS app provides access to the county's historical stories and records and provides ongoing events that share the county's rich history. With the Sauk County Historical Society app, you will have the county's history at your fingertips and be able to access it anytime - anywhere. You'll also be able to contact the staff of the SCHS to request reseach and receive answers to questions regarding Sauk County's history.